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July 2007

Jerome  in  Tom Hank's  costume  drama "John Adams" for HBO

Jerome as 'Dutch doctor' at filmset in Budapest.

Jerome is currently filming in Budapest for the new american drama serie 'John Adams', produced by Tom Hanks and HBO (creators of 'Sex in the City', 'Six Feet Under', 'Rome') and directed by British director Tom Hooper. Jerome plays the supporting role of 'Dutch doctor' opposite Hollywood actors Paul Giamatti and Laury Linney.

The new mini serie with 7 episodes tells the story of the 2nd President of America John Adams in the 18th century, who also lived in Amsterdam in 1780.
Jerome's American TV debut will be shown in March 2008, broadcast by HBO on America Television.


March 2008

Jerome's   American Television  debut  in  HBO's  "John  Adams"

On the 27th of March 2008, Jerome made his American television debut on HBO in the new American costume drama series ' John Adams ' produced by Tom Hanks and HBO.
In July 2007 Jerome had the privilege to film in Budapest for a few days, playing opposite  Hollywood actor Paul Giamatti, directed by Tom Hooper.

This event was an absolute highlight in Jerome's career.

The drama series, based on the life of John Adams, the 2nd president of America, has 7 episodes. Jerome appears at the end of the 3rd episode in which he plays the role of Hugo, a Dutch Doctor, who looks after the president in his house in Amsterdam in 1782.

Instead of filming in the Netherlands, HBO has an enormous studio in Budapest, where they built several streets of Amsterdam, complete with Canals.

HBO is  also the creator of 'Sex and the City', 'Six Feet Under' and 'Rome'. The series has been released only recently and hopefuly it will be broadcast in the UK and Europe next year. The DVD will be released in July 2008.

Jerome and Hollywood actor Paul Giamatti at the set.


September 2008

13 Emmy Awards for "John  Adams"

 Actor Paul Giamatti with his  Emmy for 'Best Actor'

Tom Hanks and HBO producers accept their Emmy for 'Outstanding Miniseries'


HBO's miniseries about the life of the second U.S. President John Adams was a big winner at the Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last Sunday, bringing home prizes for best miniseries, best actor for Paul Giamatti, best actress for Laura Linney and other statuettes. The lavish "John Adams", which is currently being broadcast in the UK and released on DVD worldwide, won a total of 13 awards at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, a record for a miniseries. It received awards for casting, costumes, prosthetic makeup, visual effects, sound mixing, editing, cinematography and art direction.

While accepting his award for 'Best Actor', Giamatti joked that "I'm living proof to kids at home watching that anybody can play the president." HBO's star-studded miniseries produced by Tom Hanks also earned an award for Tom Wilkinson, who won for supporting actor as Ben Franklin, and the writing award for a movie or miniseries. The production was nominated for 23 Emmys altogether and had already won eight during the Creative Arts Emmy's given out last week.

The mini-series was broadcast last March in the US and has been released on DVD.
Jerome appears in the third episode, in the supporting role of Hugo, a Dutch Doctor opposite Paul Giamatti.

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