Tripped - Jerome Aarts

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May 2009

Short film TRIPPED has been screened at film festivals


Highlights from Jerome's performance as Doug.

Last summer, 2008, Jerome filmed for the short thriller TRIPPED.
The 15 minute film tells the story about Liana, an Eastern European young lady in England, who tries to escape from the human trafficker Doug (played by Jerome) who is forcing Liana into prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation. While Liana is on the run, Doug is chasing her around London.

The film, written and directed by Laurent Metrich, focuses on the serious case of UKHuman Trafficking, as the UK is still a major destination for trafficked women.

As the film is currently being screened at film festivals in the UK,
the producersare not allowed to show the entire film on the internet yet.

For this reason the above trailer will only show several scene's from Jerome's perfomance as Doug, without revealing to much of the plot. The music, used for this trailer, is not the original film soundtrack.

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